Dvarw DL RTA 24mm deck only

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Restocking on 5th July at 4pm Budapest time. It is always a good idea to join KHW mods FB group for updates.

Out of stock

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Should you have more than enough tanks or just want to fit a Steam Tuners cap.

As pictured, comes with chimney, chimney cap, four air inserts (3-3,5-4-4,5mm) and bag with spares. You need to order a tank section or a Steam Tuners cap separately to have a working Dvarw DL.

5 reviews for Dvarw DL RTA 24mm deck only

  1. János

    Sziasztok! Mikor lesz elerheto?

    • Péter SÁRKÖZI

      Szia, Magyarországra sajnos semmikor. Amúgy jövő héten.

  2. EbenStone

    When will they be back in stock the dL decks?

    • Péter SÁRKÖZI


    • Péter SÁRKÖZI

      In stock now.

  3. Alilidor

    When next time dl deck would be in stock? Currently i could add deck in cart, but in cart i have message that they are not available

    • Péter SÁRKÖZI

      In stock now.

  4. EmanuelCbr252

    Am i to late ? :((( Out of Stock again ?

    • Péter SÁRKÖZI

      Back in stock now.

  5. mat90rm (verified owner)

    one of a perfect deck ,the final dl .

    • Glenn Pattik

      Been say out of stock since the 26th. How do i order?

      • Péter SÁRKÖZI

        Please follow KHW FB group for updates.

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