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The Dvarw MTL received a massive update, FL stands for facelift. An update from the 510 to the drip tip. Still it will vape like a Dvarw.

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This is a deck only, tank sections can be ordered separately.

The Dvarw MTL FL is a 22mm diameter rebuildable atomizer for advanced vapers.

What’s new:

1. Mech safe 510 insulator
2. Shorter than V1
3. PEEK chimney
4. Offset posts
5. Improved coil leg clamps. Ridge on the edge.
6. 22mm glass tank section (available separately)
7. Largest optional airhole is 2x2mm (=2,83mm) (available separately)
8. Easier bottom fill (fewer turns of the tank section)
9. Viton o-rings
10. 22mm and 24mm MTL
11. Fixed position chimney
12. Engraved AFC inserts (1×1,2mm is stock and comes with a deck)
13. Online authenticity check
14. Shorter chimney, smaller chamber
15. Airflow is optimized

As pictured in the first photo, the deck comes with PEEK chimney, chimney cap, 1×1,2mm air insert, hex key, PTFE white drip tip and spares bag. A tank section or a Steam Tuners cap of your choice can be ordered separately to have a working Dvarw MTL FL 22.

Please pay attention to:

  • the key symbol on the PEEK chimney has to be lined up with the fat PEEK insulator on the coil post
  • the deck has 2 parts, these 2 parts are manufactured together. So if you have more than one and disassemble them to clean and mix the parts they may not fit 100% perfectly, so serial is also engraved in the top part of the deck as well

Compatibility: only pc and ultem tubes of the V1 version are compatible with the FL. The FL has new tank sections, new AFC inserts.

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10 reviews for Dvarw MTL FL 22 deck only

  1. Benley73 (verified owner)

    Yes just buy one,
    Was it worthwhile for the wait
    Definitely was.
    The Face lift -FL version now allows flush fitting glass tank sections in various sizes & capacities.
    Also you could choose Ultem tank sections but both versions do away with PC tanks.

    It now comes with a new set of airflow inserts,
    Or so called airflow adapter inserts
    Which now lets you get up to 2.8mm airflow draw.
    for those who like a looser draw or loose R-DTright
    These options go right down to very tight MTL draw.
    Which is what it’s loved for
    New designed offset posts which help making it easier to just drop a Coil in without having to wrap around the screw
    The offset posts have a slight lip built within the top of posts unlike old Dvarws,
    Which helps again to catch your coil legs making things much more easier,
    The inner chamber has changed in design and materials another design change is that it includes a built in notch for the chamber alignment with the posative posts.
    Allowing it to always line up perfectly to your coil & wick tails of the cotton perfectly every time.
    Again this makes things much easier to do,
    Definitely worthwhile upgrades
    Thanks for read and worthwhile upgrades to the Dvarws,

  2. and.mand

    Nicely reviewed @Benley73 👌

    As your opening line reads “ Yes just buy one,” I would like to add that, unfortunately it is NOT very easy to simple buy one😡

    I had my alarm set at 2300 CET, and when it rang I silenced it and came straight to this page, but when I clicked on the link, they were already sold!

    So annoying, especially for someone who is not on Facebook anymore. 😤

  3. Vapid (verified owner)

    I am sure there will be more made available soon, I certainly hope so. It is a beautifully my made device that deserves the high accolades it receives. As noted by others the buying process is far from ideal and not being a FB user either, I held little hope of getting one but got lucky. Hopefully availability will increase soon. I have already seen clones being advertised and it would be a great shame if KHW missed the recognition and market they deserve. Bearing in mind it is very hard to run a small scale manufacturing operation and guage/meet demand so the use of lists and timed batch sales have been common for a long time.

    I did not own the original Dvarw so I can not draw comparison but having been an MTL vaper for 9 years I can say it is among the very best of the many devices I have used.

    I love small, simple, elegant devices that are understated and perform at the top of their class (rather than try to be all things to all users) and this fills all of those criteria perfectly.

    Well done KHW.

  4. DARKO (verified owner)

    This RTA is brilliant
    Simple, no messing around with juice flow control or external airflow
    Never leaks or gurgles, easy to build and wick.
    I have the Millennium, Spica Pro and Kayfun Prime and now the Dvarw is my number one RTA.
    The only downside is the lack of availability as I’d like a second one as a spare.
    Well done KHW for a near perfect RTA.

  5. midav (verified owner)

    The best of the best.
    Was and will be.

  6. Andry Wahab

    The branding on the bottom deck is not centered, well done. Overall its a good atty. Well I believe this comment won’t be approved since you like to filter only positive comments, so i wont bother writing more stuffs. So good luck and cheers.

  7. cweicxr (verified owner)

    Switching from a Kayfun Lite 2019, not regret! Both have the bottom filling system but this one feels more clean and easy to refill (Fewer turns to release). My Kayfun that I have got a lot of problems, top cup getting stuck, leaking from the the bottom, things that will not happen with the Dvarw. Wicking it wasn’t that difficult like some reviewers said.
    The finishing is superb! Mouthpiece great!
    Bought it from Chile, very fast delivery!

  8. Clair B (verified owner)

    Beautifully designed piece of art. Perfect mtl vape using the 1.2 air insert. If you’re thinking of buying one don’t hesitate, this is high end at the right price. Love it! Fantastic service also.

  9. Pat (verified owner)

    This is a seriously good mtl atty. I’m using NET juice and the flavour is excellent. It’s easy to build on, I’ve put a straight forward round wire Ni80 28/29AWG 6 wrap 2mm id coil in and the flavour is great and it wicks really well.
    I’m that impressed with it I think I’m going to get myself the reduced chamber kit and another deck when I’ve saved enough.
    The finish is excellent and the threading is lovely and smooth, it all fits together perfectly and it looks great, nice and sleek and not too chunky and bulky like many other attys on the market.
    I also ordered a few airflow inserts and I’m looking forward to trying them all.
    The service from KHW Mods has been great. I sent several emails and Peter has replied to them very quickly and answered my questions and quickly rectified a mistake I had made on my order.
    The order was shipped yesterday from Hungary to the UK and it arrived earlier today and I am vaping with the Dvarw as I write this review, I’m well impressed, fab atty and top service!

  10. refractorymail (verified owner)

    I’m really surprised how good it is! I had Fev’s and By-ka. I wanted to try this one too. Ordered, received (very quickly), examined. At first there were doubts about the material of the chimney (PEEK) and the chimney cap (thickness of it). After Fev and By-ka ))). Put into operation – and it’s amazing! The setup is very easy and the taste of my liquids is great! And a few days after I bought it, I use only Dvarw! I recommend this atty! The service is great, Peter replies very quickly and helps with everything. Thank you!

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